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What is Drop Shipping?

What is Drop Shipping?

Technically speaking, it is a method of Supply Chain Management where the retailer fulfils customers' orders by letting the supplier deliver the products directly to the customers without involving any inventory management of their own. However, colloquially speaking, it is revolutionary delivery technique that lets a supplier find a plethora of retailers, a retailer find a plethora of customers and a customer find a plethora of products with minimum complicacy Supply Chain Management& cost and maximum efficiency and security.

Why Drop Shipping?

Many suppliers have this weird notion that it is better to follow the conventional SCM technique where they get to monitor the delivery of products from their warehouse to the retailer's and be over with it without worrying about orders. When it comes to long distance or unconventional product deliveries like drop shipping, they become hesitant. Even many retailers feel it is safer to have the products in their hands before accepting an order. However, you should remember that drop shipping actually simplifies the entire process and lets you concentrate on what you are best at. A supplier is best at manufacturing and supplying. A retailer is best at understanding the local market, price-marking the manufactured products and commercialising them. So if you are getting to be a part of a more sorted supply chain, playing your personal important roles, the result can't be anything but good.

Drop shipping allows products to be sent to customers directly out from the manufacturing units. In fact, you can call them "sizzlers", served straight from the pan. Whether you are a supplier, a retailer or a customer, you are bound to benefit from this feature. Some of the benefits of drop shipping are as follows:

For Retailers

Inventory ManagementNormally, inventory management is an expensive part of the supply chain that separates the big retailers from the smaller ones and also brings about all the differences in the profit. Drop shipping allows you to do double business with half the headache. All you need is a sample product or even better just a catalogue, pictures of products. If your customers like them they can place their orders which will get forwarded to the suppliers who in turn will fulfill these orders. And in this entire process you will never need to have a warehouse of your own. You can simply act as the interlocutor between the manufacturer and the end-user.

Drop shipping also allows maintaining a positive flow of cash. You get paid immediately after a purchase is completed from your customer but the suppliers accept payment after order been fulfilled.

The entire process is very secured and compact. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

For Suppliers

ManufacturerDrop shipping allows you to have a wider range of retailers, generally from all around the world, marking your products than what you would have had otherwise.

Because the products will get transported only once, directly to the customers from your own warehouse, there is no question of them getting hampered in the retailer's warehouse. So, as long as you can guarantee an efficient delivery, the customers will remain happy and if they have the smiles on their faces, you can be rest assured you are getting more orders from your retailers.

For Customers

In fact, when the product has arrived straight from the supplier, customers are not even aware of it and believe the products from the retailers as a result of blind shipping from supplier. Moreover, due to reduced inventory, packing and shipping costs, the total cost of the products also reduce.

We Help Small Businesses Reach Global Markets

We Help Small Businesses Reach Global Markets

As a supplier you must have faced some kind of trouble trying to find retailers outside your country who would be interested in buying your products. Finding or creating the right market is undoubtedly the most daunting task. It basically affects the entire supply chain. And even if you somehow come to know that a particular place in a particular country has a high demand for your products, how on earth are you going to find a suitable retailer to market them? So, what do you do? Skip the idea of globalizing your products or plan for an alternative? The question is answered here in Real Drop Shippers.

As a retailer also it is not very easy to meet the demands of customers especially when they ask for products that are not available in local warehouses. Many times it happens that a particular product is very high in demand and if you manage to sell them to the customers your cash inflow will shoot high up but unfortunately you don't know where to get those products from.Global Market So what do you do now? Sit back and stay content with the present profit or plan for an alternative? Yet again, Real Drop Shippers answers you questions.

Our Unique Global Platform

Real Drop Shippers is a unique global platform for creating a healthy link between the manufacturers and retailers from all around the world. Suppliers from various countries list the products they can supply and we add them to our product-lists in our numerous local websites. The greatest advantage that we provide to the suppliers is that they do not need to re-enter data for each of the sites separately. Information provided once is maintained across all the websites. Another great advantage is that we make it easy for you to sell new products worldwide, which generally is a difficult thing to do using conventional means. You obviously won't have a clear idea of the local markets and its demands nor would you be able to create a market for new products 3000 miles away from your warehouse just like that. So here in Real Drop Shippers, we let you find local retailers of various countries to help your products gain global exposure.

For retailers, Real Drop Shippers helps you in product sourcing. So no matter where in the world the ordered products are made you have a way to drop ship them to your customers. Isn't that easy?

So, hurry up and sign up; don't be late! Do business with us and never regret.

Understanding the Local Market

Understanding the Local Market

With the usual warehouse model, it is practically impossible to create and maintain markets for your products in all places around the world without spending a fortune. However, a globalized product will undoubtedly bring more profit. The system ultimately becomes, spend more earn more with very less net profit. Moreover the onuses involved in carrying out such a complicated and critical job is not going to give you peace of mind. Now, what if you get a chance to spend nominal, earn in large amounts and also shake off some of the responsibilities from your shoulders? Yes, it is possible, with the Real Drop Shippers.

Local MarketWe, as one of the leading performers in the world of drop shipping do our best to make it easy for suppliers to sell their products in the local markets round the globe. New or old, your products will surely find a place in the list of the demanded ones in various countries. And for this you do not need to employ special workers to go around physically looking for promising places to advertise your items. In fact, you do not need to do anything regarding the marketing section. You can easily leave it on the online local retailers available in this site and go ahead with what you do the best.

Local UsersThe local retailers will obviously have a better idea about the likes and preferences of the local people. Even if their preferences do not favour the sale of a particular product, local retailers will know better ways to mould their tastes. This would be a nearly impossible thing to do for a supplier sitting thousands of miles away from that place. This means the marketing skills that are supposed to be inherent in a retailer can be put to the best use. As long as they do their job right, we are going to help them with the availability of products from the suppliers. Now as it is, suppliers will always have facilities for packing, storing and transporting goods to the retailers. Why not use this skill and resources to directly transport the goods to the customers demanding them? This way the repetition of similar tasks can be avoided, resources can be saved, the transaction will be processed faster and business will advance at a higher speed.

Small retailers can simply put a sample items on display or even more conveniently use a catalogue for attracting customers. Once the customers approve of the products, more of them can be ordered from the online suppliers. Hence, humble retailers can easily afford transaction of large amount of goods and improve their business, provided they are marketing well.

The global suppliers and their list of products can be found in our localized websites. Once the local retailers sign up in the respective local drop shipping websites provided by us, they can easily view the supplier details available. This kind of a model will let the suppliers, the retailers and even us stick to our respective fortes and give our best. And when all of us will be giving our best, you cannot expect anything but the best experience in the world. Let business transactions be a treat to your senses.

International Drop Shipping Network

International Drop Shipping Network

Drop shipping provides maximum benefit when it goes global. If it is being done within one country only then not much difference it makes from the conventional warehouse model. Neither do you save as significant amount of money, time, effort and resources, as you do for international drop shipping, nor do you help your products gain proper exposure. Marketing NetworkSo, it is almost essential to elevate the service to the international level. That is why, we, the Real Drop Shippers are constantly expanding our network in the real world.

Real Drop Shippers hosts many local websites to entertain local retailers. These websites are strictly meant for dealing with shipping of products to that particular country only. So, if you are currently visiting the website for United Kingdom, then all the retailers of United Kingdom can benefit from it. However, you must remember that your products will not necessarily be shipped from United Kingdom. Suppliers can be from anywhere in the world. The limitation is only on the shipping destination and not on the source.

This unique amalgam of globalization and localization is very elegantly handled by us and made best use of. As said before, we are constantly expanding our reach. We are making more and more local websites, also in the respective local languages. Our each and every day is dedicated to making our service better and most widely spread. We can proudly call ourselves the most caring and hard-working drop shipping service provider. Websites Real Drop Shippers builds the most efficient connection between the international product suppliers and local retailers. This is a platform for improving your business by a significant margin.

Why Do You Need Local Websites?

Some might wonder what the use of separate local websites is. Well, to start with, it makes the entire service, well organised and systematic. Every country has separate rules and regulations for shipping and delivery. So the drop shipping services to be provided for each and every country has to be separately mentioned. It is like instead of dealing with an entire collection of services you are getting to deal with services meant exclusively for your region.

Local LanguagesWhy Do The Local Websites Speak Your Language?

Real Drop Shippers has always focused on the ease and comfort of those it is serving. And because we are already creating separate websites to exclusively meet your needs, it would be completely illogical to make you uncomfortable there. We feel it is our duty to make you feel at home. So, we have introduced this brand new feature of local languages in our various websites. All those small or big retailers who have so far remained restricted to their local zones or somehow find it inconvenient to use a foreign language can finally take a breath of relief. Everything, including the content of the pages and transactions will be made using your own native language. No need to be all nervous and worked up while doing important business deals. Just take it easy and talk like you talk to your neighbours.

Why Real Drop Shippers?

Real Drop Shippers NetworkReal Drop Shippers is a globalized platform for making drop shipping a safe and pleasant experience. Our website is where suppliers and retailers find their ultimate source of good business. Our drop shipping website is simple and user-friendly, guides you through the various steps involved in the efficient and hassle-free supply chain. The suppliers from all around the world get to display the list of products they can deliver and local retailers can place their orders from the various lists of almost all kinds of products for their local customers. So, it is a perfect mixture both globalization and localization.

Our competent suppliers from various countries promise high-quality products and their immaculate delivery without having to bother about marketing. Our retailers have the advantage of avoiding costly stocks and repetitive packing and shipping of products. They simply concentrate on marketing the goods in their long-familiar local markets. So, Real Drop Shippers is the best way to meet demands of the local end-users for foreign goods.

Check our localized website for your local drop shipping business needs. If you are a supplier, choose any one of the website that near you and drop ship worldwide from there. We have always provided the best of our services to suppliers and retailers alike and received telling feedbacks.

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